Digital Manufacturing Engineering Service

eZRobotics provides customized engineering consulting and services to optimize the production processes.
Our dedicated simulation and robot engineering experts work closely with the client to provide cost-effective,
process-optimizing services for automation industries.

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Digital Manufacturing Engineering Overview

eZRobotics provides customized engineering consulting and services to optimize the production line process by analyzing, verifying, and streamlining the manufacturing operations.

Our dedicated simulation and robot engineering experts work closely with our client and utilize our own self-developed software, DMWorks Solutions, to provide cost-effective, process optimizing services for automated industries. We optimize and improve the production line process via design verification of the manufacturing environment, analysis of the number of robots and workers required for the production, arrangement of the hardware and workers on the plant floor, and generation of optimal robot task programs.

01 Digital Factory Construction

Full-action mockups of an accurate virtual factory are constructed using data and information collected from the actual factory through on-site surveys, analysis of the PPR (product, process, resource) plan, incorporation of 3D factory scan data, and building of resource databases and libraries.

  • Product, Resources, and Manufacturing Process Analysis
  • 3D Modeling and Arrangement of Product and Resources
  • Manufacturing Process Creation
  • 3D Scan Layout Construction
  • 3D Digital Factory Construction

02 Manufacturing Process Validation

Factory layout and manufacturing processes are optimized by simulating, validating, and modifying the PPR (product, process, resource) in advance using the digital factory and introduced to the factory floor with measures for preventing problems.

  • 3D Simulation Validation
    • - Factory Layout
    • - Product, Process, Resource
    • - Ergonomics
    • - Logistics and Control
  • Resource Specification and Manufacturing Process Modifications
  • Product, Resource, and Manufacturing Process Problem and Resolution Reports

03 Robot Offline Programming

Robot Offline Programming (OLP) is a robot programming method where robot programs are created independently in a 3D software environment rather than manually programming a robot at the actual robot cell.

Robot OLP minimizes preparation time for production and prevents various problems that can occur by detecting the issues in advance through various robotics simulations.

eZRobotics provides optimal robot programs utilizing robotics simulation and by considering the robot trajectory, collision, reachability, working conditions, task signals, and cycle time for tasks prior to application onsite.

  • Data Collection of the Manufacturing Process and On-Site Survey
  • Existing Robot Program Analysis
  • Robot Task Program Creation
  • Robot Program and Interlock/Interference Validation
  • Various Types of Robot Language Translators and Offline Programming Modules

04 Robot and Workcell Calibration

Kinematics and positional differences exist between the perfectly modeled 3D virtual robot and the actual robot system. These differences can cause a significant positional error when the robot program generated through offline programming using the 3D virtual robot is applied to the actual robot.

The virtual robot & workcell calibration service is provided to synchronize the virtual robot to the actual robot by measuring the actual robot system with accurate measuring devices to calculate the kinematics and positional differences between the virtual and real worlds. Through this calibration service, the virtual robot and the workcell are kinematically calibrated and positionally aligned to the actual robot system, which allows fast and highly accurate generation of robot offline programming.

  • Virtual Factory to Real-World Factory Synchronization
  • Data Collection and Measurement Program Creation
  • Various Robot Posture Measurement and Data Analysis
  • Calibration Data Update
  • Robot Offline Programming Accuracy Improvement

Digital Manufacturing Engineering Services Provided During the Product Development Phases

  • Product Information Analysis
  • Product Assembly Review
  • Product, Resource, and Task Arrangements
  • 3D Digital Factory Construction
  • Logistics Simulation
  • Product Manufacturability Validation
  • Resource Specification Validation
  • Robot Specification and Task Viability Validation
  • Ergonomics Simulation
  • Robot Task Program Creation
  • Robot and Floor Calibration
  • Equipment Change Review
  • Production Scenario Change Review
  • Early Review and Monitoring of New Products
  • 3D Scan Layout Construction

Building a World of Digital Factories with DMWorks

eZRobotics provides the latest technological and professional engineering services tailored to the customer for digital factory construction, manufacturing process validation, and robot offline programming in various businesses around the world, such as the automotive, shipbuilding, battery, and heavy industries.








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