Industry-Based Services

eZRobotics provide effective and efficient customized engineering services tailored to the characteristics of
various industries around the world, especially in the automotive, shipbuilding, battery, and heavy industry fields.

Digital Manufacturing Engineering Service in Automating the
Arc Weld for Construction Equipment


  • 3D Digital Factory Construction via DMWorks + Resource and Product Weldability Validation + Process Simulation + Robot Offline Programming
  • Simulated and validated various arc welding patterns and touch sensing after considering the product weld quality.
  • Built a realistic 3D virtual factory by merging the product, resource, and work process data with a 3D scan of the actual factory layout.
  • Prevented on-site problems by reviewing robot welding workability by product and verifying resource specifications.
  • Created optimal robot programs in the virtual world of DMWorks via robot offline programming to improve the welding quality as well as reduce on-site modification and robot teaching time.


Reduction of Equipment Manufacturing Costs

Shortening of Construction Period

Shortening of the
Mass Production Period