A Comprehensive Digital Manufacturing Solution

DMWorks (Digital Manufacturing Works) is a next-generation factory simulation solution that
covers a wide range of robotics applications from developing concepts to commissioning ideas.

Overview Major Features DMWorks Customizing Service

Why DMWorks?

  • The most complete solution for digital manufacturing, process validation, and data management
  • Single solution platform to customize various customer requirements
  • Various problem-solving applications based on real-world industrial experiences
  • Intuitive user-oriented interface
  • Precise Robot Off-line Programming through accurate virtual robot calibration services
  • Continuous research and implementation of the latest automation technology

What Can You Do With DMWorks?

DMWorks in the Product Development Phase

STEP 01 Design Validation Phase
  • Production Information (e.g. resources, product, and production process) Analysis
  • Product Assembly Review
STEP 02 Process Planning Phase
  • Product, Resource, and Task Arrangements
  • 3D Digital Factory Construction
  • Logistics Simulation
STEP 03 Process Validation Phase
  • Product Manufacturability Validation
  • Resource Specification Validation
  • Robot Specification and Task Viability Validation
  • Ergonomics Simulation
STEP 04 Pilot Phase
  • Robot Task Program Creation
  • Virtual Robot and Workcell Calibration
STEP 05 Production Phase
  • Equipment Change Review
  • Production Scenario Change Review
  • Early Review and Monitoring of New Products
  • 3D Scan Layout Construction

DMWorks Benefits

Virtual 3D Factory Construction and Manufacturing Process Validation

  • Multiple CAD Formats Supported

    Import major CAD formats to create lightweight 3D virtual factories.

  • Robot and Parametric Libraries

    Quickly access various robots and parametric models from the built-in library.

  • Kinematics Definition Modeler

    Conveniently and easily define kinematics for creation and modification of motion equipment.

  • Robotics Simulation
    (Various Applications Supported)

    Simulate a wide-range of robot applications such as welding (spot, laser, arc, pedestal), flow drilled screw/FDS, self piercing rivet/SPR, roller hemming, and painting.

  • Collision Inspection

    Avoid accidents by simulating possible collision between equipment and setting automatic interlock/interference zones.

  • Robot Cable Simulation

    Prevent the cables from twisting or causing interference.

  • Process Simulation

    Define processes for each stations floor and transfer devices to simulate the entire factory in action.

  • Plug-In Development Environment

    Customize functions and environment with the provided Plug-In.

Optimized Features for Digital Twin and Robot Offline Programming

  • Robot Offline Programming

    Utilize a robot offline programming environment for various robot languages and applications.

  • Virtual Robot Kinematics Calibration

    Minimize position and kinematic errors by “making the virtual robot the same as the real robot” using virtual robot calibration technology.

  • Realistic Robot Simulation (via RCS)

    Reduce virtual robot’s motion trajectory and time error by applying Robot Controller Simulation (RCS)

  • 3D Scan Data Overlay

    Apply 3D scan data to build realistic virtual factories.

  • Human Simulation, Ergonomics, and Analysis

    Predict work time as well as analyze work paths and motions of the operator.

  • VR Simulation

    Review equipment specifications in a virtual environment and analyze the work environment of the workers in advance.

eZRobotics is doing its best to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency by customizing our software according to the needs and objectives of the customers
based on accumulated industrial knowledge and various new technologies in the field of virtual production engineering.

Client-Focused DMWorks Solution Customizing Services


Customization of Simulation Environment for Special Robot Applications


Development of Offline Programming Module for Special Robot Systems


Development of Special Process Simulation and Validation Environment


Development of Hardware Integration/Connection to the DMWorks Software


Implementation of New/Special Robot Model Library


Customization of Parametric Model Devices


Customer-Specific Solution Development